Short Tantric Necklace in Clear Quartz and Gold


This powerful Tantric Necklace is handcrafted with continuous mantra chanting.

Materials: It is designed with AAA quality Clear Quartz and 14K gold filled.

Gold filled consists of 5% 14K solid gold and 95% base metal (brass, copper, or silver), and looks exactly like solid gold. 

Effects: All Tantric Necklaces provide protection, energy, and a deeper connection to your Spirit. Clear Quartz is known as a meditation stone, and it brings mental clarity. Gold holds the high-frequency energy of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This Tantric Necklace feels very uplifting and increases radiance.

Length: short (31″ or 79 cm full circle).

Eye color: Will make sparkly eyes of all colors!

After you place your order, your necklace will be ready and shipped within a week.

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Customer Reviews

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Graciela Zapata
Love my tantric necklace!

I absolutely love my new necklace. Everything about it: the quality of the stones, the length, the size of the beads, the energy…it’s very uplifting.
Premamrit went out of her way to accommodate my every request and worked with me until we both decided on what would be best for me.
Absolutely one of my best purchases of the year. I look forward to purchasing a few others in the near future. Sat Nam