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To ensure that you like the design of the custom Tantric Necklace, we send you an example of how it will look before assembling the entire piece.

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Tantric Necklaces

Tantric Mala or Tantric Necklace is an ancient sacred yogic tool worn by Tantric Masters. “Actually, mostly you wear jewelry to decorate yourself, but there is a way to wear jewelry to energize yourself.” – Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and Mahan Tantric.

Every Tantric Necklace gives you radiance, protection, energy, and connection to the Kundalini Yoga Teachings, Golden Chain of Teachers, and Blue Tantric Energy (that we used to receive in White Tantric Yoga) at each and every moment that you wear your Necklace.

You also receive the energy of the crystals and mantra that I chant during the creation process.

Tantric Necklace is not just a beaded necklace. It’s an object of power that belongs to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan lineage. The wearer does not have to be a Kundalini Yoga practitioner and still benefit from wearing a Tantric Necklace.

But the creator has to be. An advanced Kundalini Yoga practitioner that is deeply connected to the Blue Tantric Energy and to the lineage can create the most energetic Tantric Necklaces. All our Tantric Neclaces are handcrafted by such a practitioner – Prem Amrit.

The pattern of the necklace can never be changed, and the closer the beads and spacers are, the better so the energy flow would not be interrupted.

And, of course, you should like the design and visual quality of the necklace.

Anyone who has an intuitive connection and feels they would benefit from wearing a Tantric Necklace (or Tantric Mala, as Yogi Bhajan used to call it) can wear it.

Also, my feeling is the deeper a person is connected to Kundalini Yoga teachings and Blue Tantric Energy, the more they will benefit from wearing a Tantric Mala Necklace.

Absolutely! Children are often more intuitive than adults, and if they want a Tantric Necklace, they will benefit from wearing it. Some mothers leave their Tantric Necklaces next to their babies for protection while they sleep. You can choose to create a Mother’s Blessing Tantric Necklace for your child.

I believe – as much as you can! Why would you choose to be energized and protected only on occasion?

Many people have one short Necklace that they wear 24/7.

Please let me know if you would like to have such a piece so I use the thickest wire possible for the Necklace to last longer and crystals that will look good with what you wear daily (clear quartz, moonstone, solid gold, and gold-filled are always good options).

I like stacking long and short necklaces.

Generally speaking, short necklaces are more practical for daily life and activities. If you are petite, a shorter necklace might be better for you.

When you are less active, go out or teach, then you might like to add longer necklaces. If you are tall, you might prefer a longer Tantric Necklace.

I always wear heavier long necklaces when I need extra energetic support and protection by stacking up to 4 at once.

When I make a tantric necklace, I chant the entire time. It can be a mantra you feel connected to or any other mantra or Shabad.

If you are unsure about the mantra, I can help you choose it intuitively, based on your Tantric Numerology, or/and the desired effects.

I believe that your intuition is the best tool for navigation. First, you should like the crystal, feel intuitively that it’s a good fit for you. It should suit your eyes, skin tone, your style so you would wear it often.

Yogi Bhajan recommended, though, to be extremely careful with Blue Sapphire and Cat’s Eye as these stones can harm you as well as benefit you immensely (if you want to have such a Tantric Necklace, you can consult to a Vedic Astrologer to find out if you can wear such a piece).

Yes, it can happen. There are two primary reasons why this happens: an accidental break (for example, when you hook and pull the necklace vigorously with your knee or door handle) due to wear out (you wear your necklace 24/7), and energetical (typically, you will find that the necklace can break “on its own” while sitting in your jewelry box, in a pouch, etc.). If your necklace breaks energetically, it is a good thing: this means that the Tantric Necklace helped you cut through a specific energetic block. Tantric Necklace Repair.

Yes, you can, but it’s likely to break faster.

You will also need to clean it more often so you might choose to put your Tantric Necklace next to you when you sleep.

Some mothers choose to leave their Tantric Necklaces next to their babies for their protection when they sleep.

I don’t recommend knotting it to make it shorter because this can cut the energy that flows through the Necklace.

You don’t want to twist it as this can eventually cause the necklace to break but you can wear it doubled if it’s too long for you or  choose a shorter one!

Don’t leave your Tantric Necklace in your purse or drawer among other things – that’s exactly how I broke my first one. Ideally, you store it in a dedicated pouch or in the box that it will come in.

You will benefit the most wearing your Tantric Necklace as a Necklace, I would not wear it as a bracelet.

You should always use your intuition to choose what is right for you.

Yes, if it feels good. Trust your intuition and be creative! I stack up to 4 Tantric Necklaces when I need an extra energetic support and protection.