Tantric Necklaces & Kundalini

An advanced technology for your energy, radiance, and protection.

We Wear Tantric Necklaces For:


Blue Tantric Energy is very pure and powerful. It cleans your subconscious mind from limiting patterns so you can experience your full potential.


Stay strongly connected to your higher self and your practice and get energetical support in any challenging circumstances.


Tantric Necklace will not allow dark forces to enter into your auric body. “Actually this was done to protect the human from the evil. ” - Yogi Bhajan.

Each Tantric Necklace consists of 416 beads assembled in a certain pattern that repeats a flow of Tantric Energy in White Tantric Yoga lines. 

All pieces are handmade in prayer, with a continuous chanting and projection at the person the necklace is made for.

Each Tantric Necklace by Prem Amrit is made from only AAA-AA natural stones and highest quality silver, gold filled and gold.

Sat Nam, my name is Prem Amrit.

For the past seven years, I have immersed myself in the practice and teaching of Kundalini Yoga while studying and traveling with my teacher Harijiwan.

In 2016 I attended my first White Tantric Yoga in Moscow (Russia). I immediately felt deeply connected to this incredibly powerful technology.

Since then, I have constantly been looking for opportunities to experience the Blue Tantric Energy outside of actual White Tantric Yoga courses that I’ve practiced intensively (36 days in 4 years). 

You can connect to this energy via properly played Gong, powerful Kundalini Yoga practice, and some places on our planet – such as Golden Temple in Amritsar, which I visited several times. During these visits, I’ve completed 3 times a liberating practice of chanting Japji on 84 steps of Goindwal. All this energy is channeled today into each Tantric Necklace that I make.

Wearing a Tantric Necklace is another powerful tool to access the Blue Tantric Energy and get protection all the time you wear it. That means that you do nothing but wear a beautiful crystal necklace assembled in a particular sacred way and benefit. “Start wearing your jewelry for decoration as well as for energy. It’s double benefit.” – Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga.

In 2020 I made my first Tantric Necklace and, following the direction of Harijiwan, started to make them for other people. I wanted to help them stay energized, protected, and strong in their practice and Spirit even when White Tantric Yoga became no longer available.