Custom Tantric Necklace

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A custom Tantric Necklace is an opportunity to create a truly unique piece using stones, metals, and the Kundalini Yoga Mantra of your choice.

The Process: 

After you place your order, Prem Amrit will contact you by email. You will discuss the design of your necklace and define the crystal beads that will be used (based on your preference and Tantric Numerology).

After this step the final price of your Tantric Necklace will be defined, and you will be asked to make a final payment. After that, we order the beads, Prem Amrit will discuss with you what Kundalini Yoga Mantra will be used, and the magic of creation will start.

Additionally, you can send a picture of yourself, so the design of your necklace will suit you. Prem Amrit will use this picture to project the mantra on you during the assembly.

The entire process usually takes around two weeks from start to finish if there is no delay in communication. It can also take longer if we use solid gold or rare stone beads that are not easy to find.

Tantric Necklaces can be made in lengths:

Mini (3 mm beads) – about 21.5″ or 54.6 cm full circle

Short (4 mm beads) – about 29″ or 75 cm full circle

Medium (5 mm beads) – about 37″ or 94 cm full circle

Long (6 mm beads) – about 42″ or 102 cm full circle

Metal beads:

We use rhodium plated 925 silver, yellow or rose gold-filled (copper or brass beads with a thick layer of 14K solid gold) and solid 14K and 18K yellow, rose, and white gold.

Please note that the final price of a custom Tantric Necklace depends of the materials we will use. For example, the price of Tantric Necklace with solid gold spacers includes stone beads and small golden spacers and does not include bigger 4-5mm golden beads if you want to use them in the design.

We will always find the best solution for your budget and design vision.

Gold Filled or 925 rhodium silver and semi precious stones
14K Solid Gold and semi precious stones

Customer Reviews

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Exquisite and powerful

I have several tantric necklaces, all pale in comparison to the balancing, healing , heart opening qualities of Prem Amrit’s, they are other worldly. She even made one to order for a child I know that was having physical difficulties. She’s masterful and takes her gift extremely seriously. These creations are not jewelry they are magical conduits to higher powers. Prem Amrita tantric necklaces are a must have🦋🦋🦋🪷