Very Short Tantric Necklace in Tourmaline and Gold


Materials: It is designed with AAA quality Green Tourmaline and Gold Filled.

Gold filled consists of 5% 14K solid gold and 95% base metal (brass, copper, or silver) and looks exactly like solid gold.

Effects: All Tantric Necklaces provide protection, energy, and a deeper connection to your Spirit. Green Tourmaline is a heart chakra stone. It dynamic balance and stability. Gold holds the high-frequency energy of the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Length: extra light and tiny (26.3″).

Mantra: Bahuta Karam (prosperity, wealth; “If you recite the 25th Pauri of Japji 11 times a day, it will bring you prosperity and wealth.” “The 25th Pauri adds up to seven. It is a platform of levitation. It means wherever you are and whatever you are, this pauri will elevate you, levitate you, to the point of achievement, no matter what!” – Yogi Bhajan on Bahuta Karam).

After you place your order, your necklace will be shipped within a few days.

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