Long Tantric Necklace in Citrine, Clear Quartz and Gold


Materials: It is designed with AAA quality Citrine, Smooth and faceted Clear Quartz and Gold Filled. This Tantric Necklace is assembled with 24K gold plated wire.

Gold filled consists of 5% 14K solid Gold and 95% base metal (brass, copper, or silver), and looks exactly like solid Gold.

Effects: All Tantric Necklaces provide protection, energy, and a deeper connection to your Spirit. Citrine, as Yogi Bhajan taught, “Is a very effective stone.” Clear Quartz is great for meditation and connection to your higher consciousness. Gold holds the high-frequency energy of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. 

Length: long (44.5″ full circle).

Mantra: handcrafted by Prem Amrit with continuous chanting of mantra Eka Mai that gives true feminine power and understanding of the laws of the Universe.

After you place your order, your necklace will be shipped within a few days.

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