Pearl Mala

from: $340.00

Pearl Mala is said to multiply the effect of mantra recitation by 100 million. Each Mala is handcrafted from AAA freshwater pearl and rose, yellow or white 14K solid gold or rose or yellow gold-filled.

Each chain connection is made by hand by Prem Amrit.

Prem Amrit tested different types of wires for her own pearl Malas, and they all broke pretty fast with the intensive chanting. Only this type of connection lasts long and is easy to fix if one segment gets disconnected.

Another advantage of this type of connection is if your Mala brakes, you will not lose any beads and need to fix only one connection with pliers that you will receive with your Mala.

Comes in 54 or 72 (for 8mm pearls) and 108 (for 7mm pearls) beads.

You can choose between gold-filled (based metal + thick layer of gold) and solid 14K gold connectors. Solid gold connectors will not tarnish and do not darken the pearl’s holes. Gold filled is more affordable but will tarnish with time. It is easy to clean it, though, with soapy water and a soft toothbrush, so your mala will look like new again.

Rose gold or rose gold filled is always a good choice as it will look good with golden and silver jewelry both.

Handcrafted in prayer with the Mantra of your choice.


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