11 Rounds of Japji Necklace

11 Rounds of Japji Necklace


This sacred custom Tantric Necklace will be assembled for you in Amrit Vela (the most powerful time in a day in between of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.) of the most powerful lunar day (full moon, new moon, eclipse, equinox, solstice, etc.) with a continuous chant of 11 rounds of Japji (it takes around 3 hours).

When you place your order, we contact you to discuss the design of your necklace and define the crystal beads and metal we will use according to your preference and Tantric Numerology.

You send me a picture of yourself, so we can discuss the design together to make your natural beauty stand out. I will use this picture to project the mantra on you during the assembly.

After that I order the beads, and the magic of creation will start!

Everyone on Earth has their personal line in Japji (Charan Japa). Practicing, hearing that line, and wearing sacred objects like Tantric Necklace infused with this line will help to fulfill your Destiny and purify your path from negativity. Even if Charan Japa was not revealed to you yet, wearing such a Tantric Necklace, you would stay connected to it.

In my life, I was fortunate to complete the practice of recitation of Japji on 84 steps of Goindwal 3 times, and have a special connection to this mantra that is held in my aura. Each Tantric Necklace I make with Japji contains it, too.

Such a Tantric Necklace is meant to be an incredibly powerful piece.

Please note that the price of gold fluctuates on the market, and the final price could be different as we order solid gold beads for each tantric necklace individually.