Blessing of Beloved

Blessing of Beloved


Blessing of the beloved is the greatest power in the Universe. This custom necklace is dedicated to giving your partner 24/7 protection and helping them to stay on the way of their Destiny.

How is it different from a regular custom necklace? We create it together on a Zoom call which will make the necklace more powerful. I chant while making the necklace, and you chant with me projecting on your beloved one. A mantra sheet and pronunciation guidance video will be provided to you beforehand.

A suggested mantra for men is So Purakh and Bhand Jammiae, Eka Mai – for women.

It’s a good idea to ask the person you are going to order Tantric Necklace for if he or she would wear such a necklace and which stones or color they would like.

You can also choose to make a regular custom tantric necklace if you don’t want to participate in the assembly process.

After you place your order, we contact you to discuss the design of your necklace and define the crystal beads and metal we will use according to your preference and Tantric Numerology

You pay for stones and metal beads of your choice, I order the beads, finally discuss with you what Kundalini Yoga Mantra we will use,  we set up the time for our session, and the magic of creation will start!

The entire process usually takes around two weeks from start to finish if there is no delay in communication. It can also take longer if we use solid gold or rare stone beads that are not easy to find.