Amethyst, Clear Quartz and silver (medium)


Materials: It is designed with AAA quality Amethyst, Clear Quartz and rhodium plated 925 silver.

Due to the rhodium plating, 925 silver will tarnish much slower than non-rhodium-plated silver. It is also shinier than non-plated silver.

Effects: All Tantric Necklaces provide protection, energy, and a deeper connection to your Spirit. Amethyst gives you ethereal high-frequency energy. Clear Quartz is known as a meditation stone, and it brings mental clarity. This Tantric Necklace feels very uplifting and subtle.

Length: medium (36″ full circle).

Mantra: handcrafted by Prem Amrit with continuous chanting of mantra Eka Mai that gives true feminine power and understanding of the laws of the Universe.

After you place your order, your necklace will be ready and shipped within a few days.

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